Indigenous Art Research Group 

Concordia University


IARG is an Indigenous-led group out of Concordia University that works to facilitate fluid spaces of connecting, analyzing, reflecting on, and experiencing the tensions and exhilaration of an ever-changing relationship and balance of power between many nations and cultures. It is our goal to question assumptions and conventions through open discussions that challenge dominant structures. Our focus is threefold: relationships, listening, and Indigenous representation. Realizing that it could become a safer space for exploration for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous experiences, IARG seeks to more directly reflect the needs and concerns of the Indigenous communities and individuals it encounters.


This year will be the first year that IARG will be entirely organized by Indigenous folks.

There will be no director, no hierarchy, just people working together with other people, as part of a larger community.



We are located on the 6th floor of the Faubourg Tour, but email us to start a conversation:


Executive Members


Cheli Nighttraveller


Adrienne Huard


Aditi Ohri


Hannah Morgan

Joshua Miller

Camille Georgeson-Usher


Tereza Tacic


Sarah Nesbitt


Charissa von Harringa

Rebecca Lemire

Emilee Guevara


Katrina Caruso


Travis Wysote

H Igloo.jpeg

Dr. Heather Igloliorte

Samantha Joann Merritt



For every event we make posters, flyers, webpages, etc. Although Tereza is a skilled genius, she's going to be busy this year. So we are needing an able bodied design guru to help with some of our event promotions.


This is going to be a busy year and we can't do it by ourselves. We are always looking for people who are keen about what we do and want to help out.

  • Check out our events page to see what is going on for this year

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