is a branch project of the Indigenous Art Research Group (IARG), is a Concordia-based journal addressing Indigenous art and art history. The theme for this years publication is centred around revealing contemporary colonial "truth" and addressing problems with and potential for "(re)conciliation" in the context of these truths. The Launch is being finalized currently, likely April 15th, check back for updates! 

List of Artists and Authors featured:

Alize Zorlutn (Toronto; Artist)
Dayna Danger (Montreal/Winnipeg; Artist)
Elizabeth LaPense (Great Lakes; Artist)
Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal (Lloydminster, Saskatchewan/Calgary; Artist)
Stephanie Barclay (Montreal; Student/Writer) 
Isabella-Rose Weetalutuk (Montreal/Inukjuak; Filmmaker)
Samantha Merrit (Montreal; Writer and Textile Artist) 
Feliz Tupe (Montreal; Student/Writer)
Decolonizing Street Art Convergence (Montreal based)
and more!